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7 Days To Stronger Couple Bonds
Making Sense Of Your New World
What if you could take the steps to protect and connect with your partner even in this time of uncertainty? 

What if you could end up making it through lucky to have a strong-bonded relationship even beyond these times. 

I am going to show you the way in this free 7 Day planner.  
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A Note From Monica Houttuin, LCSW, CST

 Couples aren’t supposed to know how to make it through a crisis. It’s not like you are born knowing how to handle every uncertainty and upset.
In good times or in hard times, you deserve to know the right actions to repeat every day to ensure your bond, strength and support for one another. The last thing you can take is to hurt one another at this time.

Hi I'm Monica and it is My Mission to help couples (especially when it's gotten really tough) to reconnect, heal quickly and then be able to pursue their life's dreams together. Often we don’t actually know that we are doing too little, too late, or just plain hurting instead of helping.  
Every week I see couples who say they wish they had paid more attention to their relationship over the years. When I ask them why they didn’t they said, “I thought it was a phase” or “we just got busy and before we knew it we had “fallen out of love” “we are just like roommates now”. We should have done this years ago. We wasted all this time blaming each other.
Love to help you with these tools to a stronger couple bond.     Won't you come join me?